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The lawn looked fantastic thanks to their great work.

  • Christine P.

I highly recommend the gardeners for their remarkable work on my yard and bushes.They were always prompt,reliable,effective,detailed,and amiable during their weekly services.

  • Tommie Barnaby

They are true professionals in their field. My lawn looks immaculate and polished because of their expert trimming techniques. Punctual and dependable, they are the best choice for lawn care services.

  • Colin

Promptly gathered quotes and offered valuable insights on landscaping professionals. Garden Designers Brent performed exceptionally well, as always.Exceeded my expectations and I will remain a satisfied customer.

  • Jane Monroe

Highly effective solutions at remarkably affordable rates make this service a top choice. Will definitely use again.

  • G. Bruce

Brilliant performance!! As expected, he arrived punctually, was personable and had extensive knowledge about my grass concerns. He turned my unruly lawn into a beautiful landscape with ease!

  • Gregory B.

Outstanding, right on schedule as mentioned by the gardeners' promise, superb pre-scheduling correspondence. Happy with the outcome and booked in for a regular trimming routine.

  • Priest H.

Fantastic, arrived promptly as agreed by the gardeners, great communication before scheduling. Thrilled with the outcome and secured a monthly cutting session.

  • Molly D.

Attentive and considerate, this team puts in the extra effort to ensure a magnificent outcome for the project at hand. I am extremely satisfied with their service and wholeheartedly recommend them.

  • Darlene Mercer

As returning customers of GardenersBrent, we can attest to the quality of their work and confidently recommend them for any paving needs, including the recent project in our backyard.

  • Amanda Rowe

Despite the tough task of removing old bamboo, they made it look effortless with their skills.

  • Ken

Their customer service is unmatched, evident through their top-notch work and prompt delivery with minimal interruption.

  • Bernard Bassett

Their prompt completion of the task to perfection left us extremely pleased and caused minimal disruption.

  • Diane W.

My lawn looks better than ever after this amazing experience - it's truly impressive! The gardeners were efficient and dependable, and the price was just right.

  • Lisa H.

Thanks to this wonderful experience, my lawn looks absolutely stunning now. The gardeners were so dependable and efficient, and the price was just right.

  • Dean J.

Amazing interaction for an attractive deal

  • David O.

This gardening service is simply unmatched in quality and professionalism. I am beyond impressed with their work.

  • William Reed

I am so grateful for the hard work and dedication of this gardening service. They truly care about their clients.

  • Bryan

The gardener from GardenersBrent is a true artist when it comes to landscaping. My water feature, decking, pergola, and grass look like something out of a magazine!

  • F. Orton

Each time I book with Brent Gardening Services, I am reminded why they are my first choice for personalized service in travel plans.

  • Jeremy

The gardener demonstrated himself to be unfailingly trustworthy, pleasant and exceptionally well-versed in his field of expertise. Supplied a tolerably priced quote.

  • Sallie J.

The gardener's made a fantastic effort on my porch patio - their fee was fair, they completed it fast and to a superb caliber.

  • M. Purley

Unsurpassable work completed...no misgivings at all...also achieved additional tasks that were requested...Genial and affable too.

  • Jack G.

The end-product is just what I wanted - professionally done and also a friendly and fast response.

  • Daniel

From my point of view, Professional Gardening Services Brent did an exemplary job with pruning back my hedge - I wouldn't think twice about re-hiring them in the future if need be!

  • Hayley

My patio was in quite a state, but GardenersBrent were brilliant. They brought all their own gear and worked quickly to get it all neat again, plus the price was great too!

  • Harry French

Arrived immediately, politeness was remarkable. The task was completed rapidly and all junk was taken away with no hassle at all. Certainly using Brent Gardening Services once more!

  • Hannah Moxley

We asked this hedge trimming team to clear our overgrown garden, which they did. They are polite and arrive on time every time, and after the session, everything is tidy.

  • Donald

Garden Designers Brent are my preferred landscape gardeners and always provide a fantastic service.

  • Sally Doner

I have been using the landscaping services of Brent Grdeners for about a year now and they do a great job with my garden maintenance. Their landscapers are talented and get the work done quickly. Great lawn care service.

  • Blake C.

I would recommend Brent Gardening Company to anyone who needs help with garden maintenance. They've never disappointed.

  • Oliver S.

The gardeners arrived on time and delivered a fabulous service. Garden Designers Brent were amazing from start to finish.

  • Hayley K.

When I decided to hire a garden designer to spruce up my gardens, I asked a few friends for recommendations. Brent Grdeners was the only name I heard. That is who I hired and now recommend. They do marvellous work!

  • Heather McCallum

Brent Grdeners come to my home on a regular basis to do lawn mowing for me, but also help out when I need support with other things like hedge management, flower planting or pretty much anything else really. Very lucky to have them around.

  • Kit Harvey

Perfect hedge trimming delivered by Brent Gardening Company! Keep up the good work!

  • Gertrud E.

I use Garden Designers Brent for lawn mowing and just wanted to let everyone know that they do a good job of it. I have never had a problem with them at all, and they offer a very cheap service.

  • Mary M.

I love the gardening services of Brent Gardening Company. You could not wish for a better company to come and do basic gardening maintenance on your lawn, hedges and the like. Great prices too!

  • Connie Brody

Brent Gardening Services are brilliant gardeners. Everything was done really quickly and to a very high standard. It was all so cheap!

  • Lucy Lamburn

The best gardening service locally, hands down! Brent Grdeners just knows how to handle business.

  • Ken Richards

Garden care done properly really can make a huge difference to a garden's appearance; that's what I was hoping for when I hired Garden Designers Brent and that's what I got. They aren't just your bog-standard team of gardeners - they're experts in every sense of the word.

  • Bruce K.

The tree surgery I got from Garden Designers Brent was second to none. The team were able to remove a tree from my garden without anything going wrong. I'd expected various problems but they avoided all of them, giving me a fast result to boot.

  • Matthew Carr

After seeing what the garden maintenance team did in my back yard, I'd definitely recommend Brent Grdeners to anyone. The difference in the state of my garden before and after they got to work is staggering and something I still can't quite get over. My overgrown garden is now a thing of the past and it's all thanks to their professional hard-working team.

  • Suzie Taylor

Professional Gardening Services Brent provided excellent tree surgery services for me recently. I was in need of someone to take care of some trees on my property and they were the only people I looked at. I was confident they would provide excellent gardening services and they did just that. I am happy with their work and rate them five stars.

  • Ann Haverton

My flower garden had almost dried up when I employed Garden Designers Brent for the task. I do not have adequate knowledge required to deal with plants and flowers, so I thought it would be best to call in the experts. I think this is the best decision I have made in recent times. The team understood my concerns and sent a highly skilled staff with practical knowledge and skills in dealing with flowers. They removed the dead flowers, planted new ones in their place also handled composting. They even gave us some handy tips to control weeds. A big thank you to the gardening experts!

  • Lisa Powell

Excellent work done by Brent Grdeners; I have absolutely no complaints! The lawn was trimmed, the patio was cleaned and everything was left tidy and in great condition. They're a reliable company, all the gardeners that I've worked with are experienced and friendly, and every one of their services are reasonably priced. I'll definitely be calling them and making use of their services again and I implore others in need to do the same.

  • Nancy

Lawn care can be really hard work when you manage a golf course! The greens have to be totally tip top at all times which is why I employ the gardening services of Brent Gardening Services. Thanks to their affordable and expert lawn maintenance, our greens are always 100% pristine.

  • Kevin

Thank you Brent Grdeners for providing excellent planting, trimming and hedging services. My garden has been looking lovely for the last few years due to the love and care given to it by your gardeners. I look forward to the visits by your representatives who are prompt, helpful and attentive and attend to every little detail with efficiency.

  • Annie Robin

I have been impressed with the continued gardening assistance that GardenersBrent has been providing us. My wife and I would spend hours in the garden trimming and cutting grass. Now that we have handed over the work to these expert gardeners, we have been able to enjoy some leisurely time with our grandchildren and even head to the weekend market. Under their expert care our garden has turned out to be an envy of our neighbours. If there was a competition I am sure our garden would win it! You have to see it to believe it.

  • Dan Specner

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